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Today, business and technology are intertwined on multiple levels. To put this into perspective, imagine if the internet went down for a couple hours at work or the computer or IT hardware you use to do your job and run your business would be unavailable for half a day. What would you do? How would you work?

IT equipment breakdowns have the capacity to put a business in peril. If there is no safety net to protect you from these business situations then you can lose many man-hours or even revenue and clients. It can jeopardize your credibility in the business community and internally eat-away at employee morale.

A way to protect your business is to have an IT resource local and at the ready. Outsourcing your IT to qualified professionals, such SBTI Technology Solutions is cost effective. We are not on your payroll but ready to help – just in case – when you need it.

Here are seven signs & situations where it makes all the sense in the world to have us as part of the IT resource network.

1. You view IT as a diversion.

Do you find that your attention is regularly being redirected to IT-related issues? Do you rely on internal resources to “fix” what wrong with your IT such as Deb in Accounting? Let Deb do her job (what’s she good at) and you need to get back to your job as well.

SBTI Business Solutions can lower your stress about IT issues and enable your employees to do what they do best.

2. You wonder whether you need need more or updated technology?

  • Are questions related to the performance level of your IT being asks more frequently in your organization?
  • Is your current IT environment underdeveloped and are people starting to notice or even complain?
  • Do you think you may be able to improve your productivity through technology-driven efficiencies?
  • Is your output being slowed-down because you don’t have the right technology in place?
  • Have you maxed-out and reached your capacity with the current resources you have in place?

If these questions are being asked or you hear complaints that may be related to these questions then they will only intensify. They will not go away if you ignore them. Your employees may start questioning your commitment to being up-to-date and you want them to question this.

You also need to let them know that you are forward thinking and not putting a band-aid on everything.

SBTI can help you to make the important decision about your IT and how to explain the IT decisions to your employees.

3. You think IT is not important.

If, by chance, technology is not central in your daily operations, then perhaps your IT is not a big concern. If you do rely on technology then it still may be difficult for you to grasp its full potential. An IT system – properly set up – can assist you in a multitude of business-friendly ways.

Here is an example. Imagine an office filled with sensitive or important documents. Imagine further that if one is misplaced, lost or stolen, it would compromise business integrity. A fine solution would be a digitized version which is backed-up in a secure and encrypted cloud storage location.

SBTI Technology Solutions can help you set up the common sense approach to using the power of IT.

4. You believe that your industry is too specific for IT.

If you think that IT cannot help advance your business goals because of the specific, “non-technological” industry you’re in, then you may be in for a surprise. A multitude of software programs, that are industry-specific in nature, have been developed. Moreover, many “generic” software programs can be customized to suit your specific business.

SBTI Technology Solutions can help you select the right software and then help you with training as well.

5. You need to minimize costs.

In a tough economic climate, it is crucial that overheads are minimized to keep your business afloat. SBTI understands that. We also understand that any game-changing technology sounds extremely expensive and a business owner may conclude that “this would be great for us, but the costs seem to outweigh the benefits.”

Outsourced IT provides cost-advantages gained through technology because of the increased speed, efficiency and capacity. Imagine online marketing campaigns that help your website to gain more exposure (SEO) or using Social Media or e-mail marketing to increase outreach to existing and potential customers. Initiatives such as these will enable your business to expand beyond your traditional boundaries. While there will be a SEO, Social Media Marketing or E-Mail Marketing cost, the added clientele and efficiency will offset these costs and more.

We can help you define efficient ways to engage existing customers and connect with new customers.

6. You need to be more flexible.

An external IT subcontractor will enable your business to be more flexible. A partnership with an outsourced IT firm provides you with an expert IT resource where you have no long-term commitment. Unlike employees – who require a severance package, benefits, and a fixed salary in the face of their fluctuating performance – subcontractors are not given these guarantees. This means that you control the ebb and flow of the relationship with the outsourced IT, and will only call them in when you need them.

With SBTI Technology Solutions, you have the best of both worlds – a trained performance-based IT professional without adding headcount.

7. You need additional and different perspectives.

Working closely with an outsourced IT company, on a frequent basis, brings some added benefits related to new ideas and new solutions. An IT professional outsourcing IT business such as SBTI works with a diverse array of businesses. We see things that you would never think of. While confidentiality will always be maintained by working with us your will benefit from our experience with other businesses.

Your business becomes the beneficiary of the IT experiences of SBTI Technology Solutions.


Your business can get a sustainable boost by outsourcing your IT. You will keep cost down while advancing your business performance.

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